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I.M.A.- Air Conditioning for subsequent fitting

Nowadays Air Conditioning units are available as a useful supplementary equipment for many vehicles.

I.M.A. supplies air conditioning units for subsequent fitting for many renowned manufacturers of vehicles for the agricultural, forestry or construction sector. These are complete tailor-made units for fitting into the existing cabin venting system. They are fitted into the original manufacturer unit, which means for you:

  • No components on the roof
  • No increase in the height of the machine
  • Running on cooling liquid R134a

For vehicles, where the subsequent fitting of a conventional air condition system is not possible we offer special roof-top air-con systems which have a low height profile and an appealing design.

Further advantages of our retrofit air conditioning systems are:

  • Improved work environment with constant temperature and low humidity in the cabin
  • fatigue-proof work place
  • dust-free cabin (integrated air filter)
  • no continuing heating up of the interior by the engine, gear box and the hydraulic systems
  • simple operation with thermo switch

Apart from the integrated and retrofit air conditioning systems we keep accessories, tools for maintenance and spare parts for air-conditioning systems in stock.