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Spare parts

Additional to our complete air conditioning systems we stock of course also the according spare parts and components. This includes apart from the compressors, vaporisers and filter driers also the cooling fluid tubes, tube mountings, expansion valves, temperature switches, pressure switches and much more.

On this page we also keep our spare parts catalogue, separated into eight different groups, for viewing and download. Have a look through it and if you have any questions regarding the attribution of your original parts, do not hesitate to ask us.

Group 1
Spare parts Compressors
Accessories for the installation of  compressors
Bearings for magnetic clutches

Group 2
Cooling liquid tubes
Tube mountings
Quick couplings
Components for tube installation

Group 3
Vaporiser-/Fan- units
Accessories for vaporiser and fan units
Expansion valves

Group 4
Filter drier
Accessories for filter drier
Mountings for filter drier

Group 5
Condenser boxes
Electric fans for Condensers

Group 6
Temperature switches
Pressure switches
Fan motors
Exhaust blowers
Switches / switch knobs / rotary knobs
Relays / plugs / symbol panels

Group 7
Lubricants for compressors
Lubricant table

Group 8
Tools and tool parts for air condition devices

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