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Information about our air conditioning products

On this page you find apart from general facts about our air conditioning systems also important information to redress problems with the initial fitting of our units and the exchange of compressors for our air conditioning systems.

General information about our air conditioning systems

  • For the prices of all the products shown on our webpage please ask our team.
  • Our air conditioning units (integrated as well as retrofit) use the refrigerant 134 a.
  • The product contents include all components necessary for installation, an assembly-manual and a list with all spare parts.
  • With integrated air conditioning systems the vaporiser is generally mounted inside the existing ventilation under the cabin roof, therefore there is no increase in the vehicles height.
  • With a retrofit air conditioning system the height of the vehicle will change by about 165 - 200 mm, depending on the type of the system.
  • With the retrofit kits for tractors some models can cause problems with the fitting of the cooling compressor, if the tractor is already fitted with an air pressure system. Corresponding brackets and drive pulleys are not available from us, please consult the supplier of the air pressure system.
  • Time of delivery: ex warehouse, respectively on request.
  • We give a warranty of 12 month on our air conditioning systems subject to the condition that they have been fitted by a verifiable competent agricultural engines workshop.

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Information regarding the exchange of compressors for air conditioning systems

When exchanging the compressor it often happens, that after a short period the new compressor develops a fault. That comes from the fact that defects of the compressor are nearly in all instances consequential damages of other defect or polluted parts of the system. Therefore it is important to thoroughly check the unit and determine the original fault before recommissioning the system with new a compressor.

The following points should definitely be given attention:

  • The system should be flushed completely – the necessary cleaning fluid and tools are available from I.M.A  
  • It is important, that the newly fitted compressor is filled with the required amount of oil. Some compressors are shipped without oil. In this case refer to the information that is listed on the dispatch note or supplementary sheet.
  • The vehicle's producers stated additional amount of oil must be filled into the system.
  • The filter dryer must be renewed.
  • The expansion valve should be checked for its function and possible pollution – if in doubt the part should be changed as well. Some expansion valves have a filter mounted on the inlet side. This filter should also be cleaned or renewed.
  • The earthing of the compressor's housing should be checked, if necessary a separate ground connection cable should be installed.
  • The electric current should be measured at the magnetic coil while the engine is running, it should be the same as at the battery’s pole and should not be under 12V.
  • All pressure switches of the system should be checked for their function.
  • The condenser should be checked for contamination and cleaned or exchanged if necessary.
  • The thermostat should be checked for function and proper adjustment, if necessary it should be adjusted or replaced.
  • If cabin air filters exist, they should be cleaned or replaced.
  • After the checking the systems for leaks with nitrogen the system needs to be evacuated for at least 35 mins.
  • Fill the System with the by vehicle's producers stated amount of refrigerant 134a and the under point 3 mentioned additional amount of oil.
  • While subsequently test running the system the thermostat should (as mentioned under point 10) be checked for function.

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